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What is a heat pump?

A heat pump, in essence, is a device that moves heat: as are found in fridges and freezers. For example, the heat pump removes heat from outside and deposits it inside your house. Yes, believe it or not, there is free heat outside that can be used to heat your home, the only cost to you is powering the pump to bring it into your house. I see you looking outside thinking “Where is this free heat? After all, this is the UK!” In actual fact, the heat pump can remove heat even if the outside air temperature is as low as minus 15°C.

So let's get a bit technical to try and explain how this is done. Essentially, the heat pump is using the vapour compression cycle. Refrigerant gas is compressed by the pump, this causes the temperature of the gas to rise and it to be under increased pressure. The gas then is passed into a condenser (a large void) where the temperature and pressure of the gas drop rapidly. All the heat is given off onto the central heating water which flows around your heating system. The refrigerant gas then passes through an expansion valve which lowers the temperature and pressure before it returns to the evaporator. As the refrigerant gas is at a much lower temperature than the outside air or ground, heat is drawn into the evaporator to raise the temperature of the refrigerant gas and the whole process starts over again.

How efficient is a heat pump?
Typically an air source heat pump will produce 3kw of useful heat for 1kw of electricity used, which means that it is 300% efficient which is very favourable when you consider that a new state of the art condensing boiler is only 90% efficient.

Considering the fact that electricity is more expensive compared to gas even when this is taken into account the cost comparison for the various forms of heating are shown below.

Our comprehensive Ecodan range is designed to suit a wide number of applications, from a small flat to a six bedroom house and will cater for the varying requirements of both new build and existing homes.

The smallest capacity unit in our Ecodan range is the W50 which is 5kW and is perfect for use in new build applications due to their modern day thermal efficiencies. Able to work at variable capacities between 1.5kW and 5.2kW the W50 is ideal for many applications ranging from smaller existing homes or flats to medium sized newly built homes.

Currently the popular unit in our Ecodan range is the W85 which is proving ideal for use in both newly built homes and existing homes too. Able to work at variable capacities between 3kW and 9kW the W85 offers the widest scope to cater for the majority of applications

Catering for applications with a greater demand for a more powerful unit is the HW140. With the potential to operate between 5kW and 14kW, our most powerful unit is perfectly suited to provide effective heating and hot water for larger, existing homes that do not benefit from the thermal efficiencies of today's homes. This unit is also available as a 3-phase option.
Flow Temperature Control
The Ecodan controller is specifically designed to ensure that space heating operates at optimum efficiency. The controller is also designed to readily interface with standard S plan central heating and hot water systems to enable Ecodan to be used with other suitable hot water tanks and under floor heating systems.

To combat the ineffective ‘On/Off’ approach of heating systems, our inverter driven technology means we can offer Flow Temperature Control. Put simply, this enables the system to vary the flow temperature of water depending on the demand for heat - quickly reacting to outdoor weather temperatures and making it hugely energy efficient. Here are some examples of the features our control systems can offer:

• Outside weather compensator
• Programmable flow set point temperatures
• Inverter driven compressor
• Able to interface with standard S plan central heating

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