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We offer you the best solution of heating system for you

There are several factors that need to be considered when designing a heating system such as the lifestyle and age of the people who will use the system, the building construction and location as well as what is required in terms whether or not radiators are required and if a separate hot water cylinder is appropriate or not. 

With the current trend of rising fuel prices an important aspect of the design of any heating system is energy efficiency. There are a couple of relatively inexpensive measures that householders can take to reduce their fuel costs, such as turning down the thermostat and ensuring they have adequate loft and wall insulation.  Underfloor heating provides a energy efficient solution as the heat is delivered into the room at approximately 40 degrees centigrade instead of approximately 80 degrees centigrade from a radiator. 
If you are thinking of having a new heating system installed, please call us to discuss your options. We will happily recommend a system for you after viewing your property and surveying your lifestyle to give you the most economical and best solution for you.

We will offer you an independent and impartial review of your home and offer a heating solution that will suit you


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