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Boiler Servicing

Ivor Copeland Heating & Plumbing Services, in common with recommendations by boiler manufacturers and safety national bodies (HSE, Gas Safe Register and OFTEC), suggest that you have your boiler professionally serviced every year. This will ensure your boiler is properly maintained and running efficiently.

We provide fixed price servicing.

Gas Boiler Service £80

Oil Boiler service £125

What does a boiler service involve?

The  main aim of the boiler service is to ensure that the appliance is in a safe condition for continued use.  Firstly checks are made to determine that the safety devices installed on the boiler work in a satisfactory manner and that there are no leaks of gas, oil or combustion products into the building or an area that could allow harmful gas being emitted back into the building.

The final stage of the service involves checking and resetting the combustion performance so that the appliance will operate as efficiently as possible, as well as checking the flame picture (i.e. how the flame looks) this is now normally done using an electronic flue gas analyser which simultaniously measures carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen, flue gas temperture, excess air and efficiency of the appliance.

The intermediate stage of the servicing process varies depending on the appliance and its age.  It will normally involve either a partial or full strip down and cleaning of the burner and combustion chamber to ensure that all airways, jets, filters and flueways are clean and clear. All insulations and seals will be checked to ensure that they are intact and securely fixed and all the flue components will be checked to made sure that these are in good condition and securely fixed.

The condition and position of ignition electrodes or thermocouples are inspected and in the case of oil boilers the atomizing fuel nozzle is replaced as this erodes due to the fuel passing through it and therefore increasing its capacity.

The boiler installation is checked over to ensure that it complies with current regulations.

Safety certificates

When we have completed the work on your boiler we always issue you with a safety certificate, either a gas or oil depending on your appliance. As well as your copy of this certificate you will normally be issued with a copy of the combustion analysis readings. We keep a copy of the safety certificate for our records and if it is a gas boiler service in a rented property a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate is issued to the tenant. 


Cast iron range cooker boilers

We are the Stanley service agent for Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey.   We are also happy to undertake work on other range cookers such as Alpha, Aga, Esse, Rayburn and Redfyre.   Prices for these vary depending on the amount of work involved and the distance of travel.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


Reminder service

When you have had your boiler service done with us we will contact you approximately 12 months later inviting you to arrange another service with us.  If you do not take us up on this invitation we will not contact you again. 


Call us to arrange a service on 023 9246 7328


or alternatively


E-Mail us using the link below with your name and contact telephone number and we will call you back to arrange a convenient appointment .








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