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Gas Boiler Breakdown
If you suffer from a boiler breakdown, please call us. With our fast and reliable service, we are a professional you can trust.

A gas boiler breakdown can be a nightmare at any time of year, no hot water and cold showers. In the winter it’s even worse with long, chilly nights with no central heating and cold feet when you get up in the morning.

Where other plumbers might keep you waiting for days, charge a fortune and then fail to deal with the cause of the breakdown. We believe in high standards of customer service, quality workmanship, fair prices and reliability – not much to ask but you’d be surprised how few Gas Safe Registered (previously Corgi) plumbers in the UK offer that kind of service.

With Ivor Copeland, you know you’re only ever a phone call away from a friendly voice and a quick solution to your plumbing problems. So you can relax and avoid a boiler breakdown turning into a nervous breakdown!

Please call us on 023 9246 7328 for a fast response to your problem

Some of the symptoms of a boiler breakdown and possible solutions
Pressure relief valve leaking / boiler loosing pressure / pressure rises rapidly - problems normally associated with the expansion vessel.
No hot water from a combi boiler - normally due to the flow switch broken
Hot water temperature fluctuates - normally due to a blocked heat exchanger
Boiler not starting – 2 port or 3 port valves not operating, circulating pump not running, fan not operating to name a few of the possible causes
Boiler temperature rises suddenly / overheat thermostat trips - normally due to a lack of water or circulation. If it is a combi or system boiler (see boiler types below) check that there is approximately 1.0bar pressure in the boiler. On these boilers the pressure is adjusted manually by opening the filling loop (normally a braided silver flexible pipe with a valve at one or both ends) to raise the pressure to the desired level.

There is generally 3 types of boilers
Combi - the boiler switches on each time the hot tap is opened to provide instaneous hot water.

System - there will be a hot water cylinder to store the hot water produced by the boiler and the boiler will have a pressure guage to indicate the system pressure.

Open vented otherwise known as heat only (there will be a small header tank in the roof space to fill the heating sytem with water)
Fill loop


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